UNISCAPE - The Careggi Seminars

Uniscape launches the Careggi seminars on local and European practices and experiences regarding landscape - 1st seminar: 10 November 2011, Florence

UNISCAPE has taken the initiative to launch the Careggi Seminars in order to celebrate the intellectual activity that once took place in the Villa Medicea of Careggi. The aim of this initiative is to periodically gather scholars, experts and public authorities in Florence to enhance the scientific debate on local and European practices and experiences regarding landscape.

The first series of seminars was established by a round table of landscape experts that met in UNISCAPE's headquarters the 16th of June 2011:

  • The first seminar will take place on the 10th of November 2011 on the theme of participation, analised with a double perspective: on one side the places where expert and common knowledge can confront each other, on the other the functioning of the decision process in general. The thematic will be developed by comparing two specific experiences: the case of Tuscany and an experience in Belgium.
  • The second seminar (March 2012) will be on rural landscapes.
  • The third seminar (June 2012) will concentrate on energetic landscapes.
  • The fourth one (October 2012) will focus on soundscapes.
  • The fifth one (March 2013) will analise the landscape observatories.
  • The sixth one (June 2013) will study the role of landscape in the environmental impact assessment procedures.
  • The seventh one (October 2013) will focus on governance and landscape policies.

Each seminar will take place from 10 am to 5 pm.

The registration is free (for a maximum of 70 participants).

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