Thematic seminar "The integration of management tools in the LMP framework" in Granollers

The 6th EUROSCAPES thematic seminar took place in Granollers – ES on 22nd & 23rd March 2012

The 6th EUROSCAPES thematic seminar was held in Granollers (Spain) on 22nd & 23rd of March 2012 on the theme “The integration of management tools in the LMP framework”. Partners heard some expert lectures on the Granollers context and landscape management plan. The LMP of Granollers is based on the integration of existing plans and regulations related to natural landscapes. The SITxell project was also presented; it is an awarded GIS which was designed to provide accurate territorial information on the open areas of the Barcelona province. The seminar included the intervention of the Periurban Parks project which is also an Interreg IVC project. Periurban Parks speakers presented their draft policy recommendations and opened them for discussion in order to look for common points with Euroscapes and for a document agreed on by everyone. Project updates from the Taco Mountain good practice (Canarias) and the progress of project activities in the Lake Balaton Region (LBDCA) have been presented. Finally, the seminar was also an opportunity to discuss on the common LMP methodology.

Partners had the opportunity to visit the Roca Umbert Arts factory, presented as a brownfield best practice, the city centre of Granollers, as well as the Palou river Congost. A symbolic tree has been planted in memory of the Euroscapes project.

Some workshops were also organised on the construction of a common methodology through the sharing of experiences, blue spaces and water issues, GIS good practices, indicators and analysis of other LMPs.

This seminar had significant media coverage within the local and Catalan media on VOTV, Granollers Radio and an article in El Punt.

The report of the seminar is available below. Presentations are/will be in the documents section.



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