Thematic seminar “Historical and cultural heritage: tools and methodologies” in Viterbo

The 4th EUROSCAPES thematic seminar took place in Viterbo – IT on 20th & 21st October 2011

The 4th EUROSCAPES thematic seminar was held in Viterbo (Italy) on 20th & 21st of October 2011 on the theme “Historical and cultural heritage: tools and methodologies”. Partners exchanged on some best practices of historical and cultural heritage and on the development of their landscape management plans (LMP). The UK partner from London Thames Gateway Partnership presented the first completed LMP, including the general approach, the different stakeholders' roles, legal aspects, management and implementation factsheets... The document will be soon available on the website. Italian students presented their thesis on the revision process of case studies' landscapes plans. Some Italian experts also made very interesting presentations on Val d'Orcia site, wine landscapes in Piedmont region and on historical cartography.

Partners had the opportunity to visit some cultural and natural areas which are part of the Viterbo case study in the Euroscapes project.

Partners took the opportunity to discuss on the best practices analysis and the LMP construction with a workshop dedicated to the definition of a common set of indicators for the LMP analysis.

Two workshops were also organised: "From LMP to influencing policy-making? Governance and multi-stakeholders’ issues linked to LMP implementation" which included discussions on the sensitization of local actors; and "How to analyze other partner’s LMPs?" in which partners worked in groups to help each other to improve the LMPs.

Presentations and reports of the seminar are/will be available in the Documents section of the website.



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