Thematic seminar “GIS and e-tools as efficient approach for the management of landscapes” in Trikala

The 3rd EUROSCAPES thematic seminar took place in Trikala - GR on 16 & 17 June 2011

The 3rd EUROSCAPES thematic seminar was held in Trikala (Greece) on 16 & 17 June 2011 on the theme "GIS tools as efficient approach to manage landscapes". Partners exchanged on the different possible uses of a GIS in the framework of the implementation of a landscapes' management plan (LMP): in the inventory and diagnosis phases as well as in the implementation of management activities themselves and in the communication actions also.

A presentation of the city of Trikala and of its natural and cultural landscapes to preserve and/or enhance was illustrated by some site visits.

Partners took the opportunity to discuss and improve the common methodology for landscapes management plans and analyse some partners' cases studies.

Two workshops were also organised : - on the use of the "Economic value of landscapes" tool previously presented in London, - and on people' participation in landscapes' management plans, a key element at each stage of the implementation of a LMP.

Presentations and reports of the seminar are/will be available in the Documents section of the website.



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