The 5th Assises of European Landscape

The 5th Assises of European Landscape will be held at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on 10th, 11th and 12th October 2011.

“Landscape as a Source of Wealth Creation”

This year, the 5th Assises of European Landscape will be dedicated to the analysis of how the conservation, creation and management of landscapes can contribute to the creation of new wealth.

Landscape architects, elected representatives, managers of technical services and green spaces, developers, company directors, urban planners and landscape professionals are invited to register for the 5th Assises and benefit from the numerous exchanges, discussions and networking opportunities that will take place at this major forum.

On the agenda:

Monday 10th October 2011
* Plenary Morning Session: Round Table discussion, “How can landscape generate wealth?” with Guest Speaker: “Economy and Well-being: new indicators?”
* Choice of afternoon workshops: “What kind of wealth?” - concentrating on 4 subject areas: economic – cultural – natural – social factors, highlighting exemplary projects in France and Europe.
* Post-session meetings with institutional, commercial and professional partners.

Tuesday 11th October 2011
* Off-site Workshops: visits and meetings with local representatives for further in-depth analysis of earlier discussions at the Assises, e.g. Strasbourg by bicycle; the Haute Bruche Nature Park; Eco-districts of Freiburg; the Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park, Basle, Cernay, etc.
* Gala evening

Wednesday 12th October 2011
* Plenary Morning Session: “And what of the future?” - opinions from students of European graduate schools of landscape arts and sciences; ”The Best of the Assises” - with feedback from the shared experiences of the on- and off-site workshops
* Plenary Afternoon Session: A manifesto for “A New Green Revolution” presented by Erik Orsenna, Chair of the “Cité Verte” Landscape Forum, and a political debate with professionals and European elected representatives.

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