Thematic Seminar 8th 9th July, 2010 Toruń, Poland

The first EUROSCAPES thematic seminar on "management of green monuments within the urban area" was held in Toruń (Poland)on the 8-9th July, 2010.

The main issues tackled were dealing with the management of green areas located within the territory of historic significance, such as the City Center of Torun. It also included the issues of "green monuments" of great historical, cultural or ecological value (like the heritage trees).
After the "indoor sessions", the seminar included a guided visit of the military build heritage of Torun and an interactive workshops where all partipants, divided by teams, proposed a new management plan for the square situated next to Chopin street in Torun. (picture above)

Presentations by experts were focussing on:
- Natural heritage coexistence with the historic city centre
- Torun’s green areas in the context of city’s strategic planning
- Green areas of the fortress system of Torun

The seminar also included:
- Workshops on Landscapes Management Plans
- Study visits (green areas of the Historic City Centre’s Buffer Zone and Exterior Defense System of city fortifications )

Report and presentations of the seminar available in the Documents' section - Torun seminar



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