EUROSCAPES Project Presentation Conference Viterbo (Italy)

EUROSCAPES European Project presentation Conference - Friday 28 January 2011 - San Martino al Cimino - Viterbo

Cultural landscapes are cultural inheritances and represent “the combined works of man and nature”. This is the definition of a “cultural landscape” developed by UNESCO during the World Heritage Convention. With EUROSCAPES (European Programme Interreg IVC) 14 partners from 13 Member States of the European Union join forces to confront problems related to the management of natural and cultural landscapes through sustainable and integrated approaches.

In Italy, this challenge has been taken up by the Sapienza Università di Roma and the Provincia di Viterbo who, together, are developing guidelines for the management/transformation of the cultural landscape in a portion of the Province (alto Viterbese/ alta Tuscia) that fully responds to the resources and potentials of existing natural and cultural heritage.

Euroscapes, through the exchange of international best practices and the active involvement of local institutions, civil society, specialised associations and economic stakeholders, proposes the elaboration of guidelines for the management/transformation of the landscape.

The Conference presents the objectives, activities, approaches and environment within which the project operates. The object of study are natural and cultural landscapes in urban and peri-urban areas, analysed though a strategic approach capable of defining short, medium and long-term strategies to be used to develop actions and interventions of landscape management/transformation. This approach is aimed at the promotion of the landscape through measures of territorial marketing, focused on triggering dynamics of sustainable tourism capable of valorizing the landscape as an economic resource.

At 10:00 a.m. - Sala Donna Olimpia di Palazzo Doria Pamphili
San Martino al Cimino - Viterbo

DATA - Design, Tecnologia, dell’Architettura, Territorio e Ambiente, La Sapienza Università di Roma
Via Flaminia, 72,00196 Rome, ITALY



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