2nd Thematic Seminar in Tenerife, 12 to 14 October

2nd Euroscape Thematic Seminar in Tenerife, SP, 12 to 14 October

In urban and suburban areas demographic and climatic trends are constantly changing, rising economical barriers and environmental challenges. The exchanges on “Tourism, Territory and Landscape”, topic of the International Conference, on good practices and expertise, aimed at helping local and regional authorities to be more efficient in protecting, maintaining and improving our natural and cultural landscapes in a sustainable and enduring manner over time.

All Euroscape partners gathered for a second thematic seminar in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, SP, from the 12 to the 14 of October 2011. The seminar was organised jointly with the XIV Latin American Forum on Town Planning, that hosted a specific session dedicated to the Euroscape project's experience.

The seminar was opened by representatives of the Canary Islands' Government, who introduced to the audience the special features and problems of Canary Islands' landscape. The programme included two parallel workshops, one on periurban areas and agricultural landscapes, the other on green spaces in urban areas, and a sightseeing of a neighbourhood in need of urban regeneration.

Photo by M. Matusiak, Toruń, Poland. See in higher definition

Report and presentations available in the Documents section - Tenerife seminar



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