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The Faculty of Architecture, Institute of Garden and Landscape Architecture is covering the teaching and research activities aiming at optimal integration of the principles and methods of Garden and Landscape Architecture in relation to current trends and requirements of sustainable development.

The Institute actively develops the knowledge in the respective scientific disciplines and implements it into the professional profile of its graduates. Multidisciplinarity of the team is one of the Institute‘s benefits. Representation of the dimensions for designing urban settlements and zones, urban economics, land use planning, in combination with the participating scientific disciplines of sociology, psychology and ecology create the conditions for complex approach to research and education. The Institute of Garden and Landscape Architecture has substantial experience in implementing projects in the field of nature conservation, spatial planning, urban greening and participative planning.

Project manager

Ingrid Belcakova

Technical coordinator(s) | Advisor(s)

Zuzana Hudekova


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University of Technology in Bratislava - Faculty of Architecture
The Institute of Garden and Landscape Architecture
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