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The ENTP (European New Towns Platform) is the organization representing the new towns and fast growing suburban centres. Created in 2001, ENTP is a growing network composed of 32 cities from 12 countries and several partners.

ENTP has two main objectives: for its members, to work as a platform to exchange information, share good practices and implement common projects; At the European level, to work as an advocacy body to represent the New Towns, promote them and strengthen their role on a regional and transnational level. The main activity of ENTP is coordinating projects in partnership with a number of members. The main themes of the ENTP activities are: Urban Renewal, Social Cohesion, Sustainable Development and Promotion of local economy.

ENTP activities include the exchange of information and experiences through conferences and workshops, the drafting, coordination and participation in European projects, the support to common projects on environment, culture, urban development and cooperation with third countries, the information about the activities of the European Union and relevant programs, the participation in the dialogue with the European institutions, and the visibility for New Towns.

Role and actions

Through its experience in European projects' coordination and its important network & communication tools, the ENTP will be the lead of the communication and dissemination part of this project and will:

  • contribute to capitalization/dissemination,
  • be a platform of good practices exchanges
  • help to involve other stakeholders interested in the project.

Thus, project’s results will benefit to any local authority that implement sustainable development policies of landscapes' management.

Political representative | Director

Cllr. Andrew Johnson, Leader of the Harlow Borough Council (UK)
Dr. Pascaline Gaborit, Director

Technical coordinator(s) | Advisor(s)

Mr. Edoardo Guglielmetti, Project coordinator
Mr. Ossi Lemström, Financial officer
Ms. Zoé Buyle-Bodin, Assistant


ENTP – European New Towns Platform

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